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  • Padilla, 2 co-defendants convicted

    MIAMI (AP) — Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for 3½ years as an enemy combatant, was convicted today of helping Islamic extremists and plotting overseas attacks in a case that came to symbolize the Bush administration's zeal to clamp down on terrorism.

  • Bin Laden compliments played at Padilla's trial

    MIAMI (AP) — Jurors in the Jose Padilla terrorism-support case saw video yesterday of Osama bin Laden denouncing the United States as "tyrannical" and heard FBI wiretap intercepts in which Mr. Padilla's two co-defendants said positive things about the al Qaeda leader.

  • Padilla judge OKs bin Laden excerpt

    MIAMI — A federal judge in Miami yesterday dealt a major blow to terrorist suspect Jose Padilla and his two co-defendants charged with aiding terrorism abroad, ruling that prosecutors could play for the jury an excerpt of the infamous 1997 Osama bin Laden interview with CNN in which the terrorist mastermind foreshadows attacks against the United States.

  • New evidence aids terrorism suspect

    MIAMI — A defense attorney for terrorism suspect Kifah Wael Jayyousi introduced into evidence yesterday a newsletter faxed to the defendant's home that his attorneys contend illustrates he does not advocate or financially support Islamist violence.

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