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  • GrillGrates' Championship Steak Grilling Set includes a temperature gun, digital thermometer, meta temperature guide and large carrying case to hold extra barbeque tools. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski/The Washington Times)

    Zadzooks: Father's Day Gift Guide - Best gadgets for dad

    Spark Digital, DOCKr, Championship Steak Grilling Set and the 20V MAX Drill Driver are some last-minute gift ideas.

  • Why and how to design, build 'Star Trek's' Enterprise for real

    BTE Dan is the person behind Build the Enterprise, a website devoted to building an actual, functional, space lasers 'n all version of the USS Enterprise, the venerable pop-culture starship featured in "Star Trek." Estimated time frame? Twenty years. Suggested cost? $1 trillion. Proposed missions? Dropping probes beneath the giant ice sheets of Jupiter's moon Europa, or maybe blasting asteroids before they can smash into Earth, "Armageddon"-style.

  • Review: 'People Like Us,' a drama in action style

    "People Like Us" is that increasingly rare kind of film: an adult drama. The filmmakers seem so nervous about this prospect that they fill the movie with action-film editing and a camera that moves so restlessly through domestic life that you'd think it lost its keys.

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