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  • **FILE** North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (left) waves April 14, 2012, as North Korean military officers clap at a stadium in Pyongyang during a mass meeting called by the Central Committee of North Korea's ruling party. (Associated Press)

    China growing 'more concerned' about North Korea, former top U.S. diplomat says

    The former top diplomat who oversaw the Obama administration's self-described "pivot to Asia" says recent moves by North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un have triggered unease in China, which has long served as North Korea's main ally in the region.

  • Inside the Ring: Asia pivot questioned

    Assistant Secretary of State Kurt M. Campbell on Tuesday defended the Obama administration's new policy called the "pivot" to Asia from critics who say the shift is largely rhetorical and lacks a substantial program to build U.S. military power in the region.

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  • "Relations have gone from being generally positive at the strategic level among the great powers to extremely difficult," says Kurt M. Campbell, a former assistant secretary of state, who helped develop the "pivot" strategy toward Asia.

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  • Under this administration, it has become "a much more challenging strategic landscape," Mr. Campbell said.

    LAMBRO: Tiring of Obama's bogus brand →

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