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  • A speed camera sits in the center median along Bladensburg Road in Northeast, Washington, D.C., Sunday, November 24, 2013. The Washington Metropolitan Police Department has added 100 new traffic cameras targeting motorists at stop signs, crosswalks and intersections. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    New D.C. traffic cameras monitor stop signs, intersections

    D.C. police activated 100 new "next-generation" traffic cameras this weekend to target a growing number of motorist violations ranging from failure to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks to blocking the box.

  • D.C. police get ready for large-scale protests

    Police in the District are planning for sizable but civilized protests this week by groups affiliated with the anti-Wall Street demonstrations in New York as the movement gains support in cities across the country.

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  • "Right now, we haven't had any sign that there is going to be any civil disobedience," said Lamar Greene, a Metropolitan Police Department assistant chief. "We have sufficient manpower out there if it was to drastically change. Things could change pretty rapidly."

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  • MPD officials are meeting with protest leaders prior to Thursday's event and may use cameras to document interactions, a common practice for First Amendment-related events, Chief Greene said.

    D.C. police get ready for large-scale protests →

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