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  • Illustration on U.N. control of the internet by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

    MAY: Obama may give Internet control to 'global community'

    On March 14, the Obama administration announced it was initiating a process to transfer oversight of the Internet from the United States to some yet-to-be-defined global entity.

  • Graphic shows increase of broadband Internet use since

    Broadband usage growing even as gaps persist

    The U.S. still faces a significant gap in residential broadband use that breaks down along incomes, education levels and other socio-economic factors, even as subscriptions among American households overall grew sevenfold from 2001 to 2009.

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  • Strickling stressed that one key challenge for policymakers lies in convincing Americans who are not online of the benefits of broadband.

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  • "If foreign governments do not trust the Internet governance systems," Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information Lawrence Strickling explains, "they will threaten to balkanize the Domain Name System, which will jeopardize the worldwide reach of the Internet."

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