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  • Lee Child: Jack Reacher author has 'been smoking weed for 44 years'

    He's one of the biggest-selling thriller writers in the world, whose Jack Reacher novels are so popular that one is sold every two seconds.

  • MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Jack Reacher’

    "Jack Reacher" is a throwback action thriller — taut and muscular, gruff and cool. Based on Lee Child's 2005 novel, "One Shot," it offers viewers familiar but forgotten action pleasures: directorial competence, a screenplay with just enough wit, an honest-to-goodness movie star and supporting actors who hold their own.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Affair: A Reacher Novel'

    Writing series novels is tough. I did nine "Rogue Warrior" books, and that was enough. Making them fresh every time out of the gate; keeping your franchise character from getting stale; inventing the twists and turns that define the books; researching the tactics, techno-goodies and multiple locations that most action-adventure novels demand; and doing it all in the space of about 12 months per book -boy, that is tough work.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Getting guns and action wrong

    Former FBI special agent Paul Lindsay's first novel, 2010's "The Bricklayer," written under the pseudonym Noah Boyd, was an impressive debut. It was a tautly written, well-constructed novel that moved quickly and engagingly. Mr. Lindsay's hero, Steve Vail, was just about everything an action-adventure hero should be.

  • BOOK REVIEW: '61 Hours'

    Some years back, I worked with one of Hollywood's Better Known Screenwriters developing an idea about urban street cops that we hoped would become a concept that we could turn into an outline that might evolve into a proposal that we could then pitch to a studio so we could get front money for a script.

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