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  • Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

    GASKI: The liberals' new 'McCarthyism'

    Of all the crimes against standards of decent discourse that we observe in contemporary politics and media, several are congealing into an ugly mass that stifles free expression and civil interchange.

  • TAUBE: A return to conservatism could save the Tory PM

    David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom, doesn't have to face the electorate until May 2015. Yet there is a strong possibility his minority Tory government could fall earlier than expected.

  • Nationalist Abe likely next prime minister of Japan

    The Liberal Democratic Party's victory in Japan's parliamentary election Sunday virtually ensures that Shinzo Abe, who resigned as prime minister for health reasons in 2007 after just a year in office, will get a second chance to try to lead Japan out of its economic slump.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Poor voters also back Romney

    The points made in "Myth of Romney incompetence" (Commentary, Sept. 19) may be true, but GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's recent statements seemingly writing off the 47 percent of Americans not paying federal income tax as automatic votes for President Obama is faulty logic that should be offensive to many poorer Romney supporters.

  • **FILE** This undated photo shows guests at an launch party at the Gallery Bar in New York. (Associated Press)

    Estranged bedfellows: Liberals, conservatives also split on sex, romance

    If you've ever wondered whether America's near-tribal political polarization extends to romance — whether an Ann Coulter-Keith Olbermann wedding would, in fact, be weirder than a Herman Cain campaign advertisement — social science at long last has provided a tentative answer. Yes. And duh!

  • ** FILE ** British Prime Minister David Cameron (left), a Conservative, and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat, wait to leave after attending the State Opening of Parliament in London on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. (AP Photo/Leon Neal, Pool)

    Clegg: Cameron's EU treaty veto 'bad for Britain'

    Deep cracks are emerging in Britain's coalition government, with one of its top officials lashing out at Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday for deciding to block European Union treaty changes designed to save the euro.

British riot police officers in central London clash with demonstrators against the coalition government's spending cuts. They were among tens of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators who streamed into central London on Saturday to march against cuts for welfare, health care and education, among other services.

    Unlikely U.K. government coalition holds fast

    The Conservative-Liberal Democrat marriage has been kept intact by the parties' mutual commitment to reducing the country's massive deficit, lawmakers from both parties say.

Scott Walker, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin, greets some students at a Memorial Day service at St. John's Academy in Delafield, Wis. The Milwaukee County executive and a "tea party" supporter overwhelmingly won the GOP endorsement and has campaigned on repealing tax increases on big business and the wealthy.

    No blues for GOP in Wisconsin

    Until recently, Wisconsin seemed to be a Democratic strategist's lock - a blue state getting bluer. Its two senators were well-established liberal Democrats.

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