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  • Donna Grethen

    FEULNER: School choice is on the march

    These days, freedom is under fire in many ways. It's nice to be able to report that in one area, at least, freedom is marching in the right direction: education.

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  • This is odd: "According to the Department of Education's scientifically rigorous evaluation of the program, the DCOSP has been a wild success," Mrs. Burke writes. "Students who received a voucher and used it to attend a private school had a 91 percent graduation rate 21 percentage points higher than their peers who did not receive a voucher."

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  • "Indiana's highest court ruled unanimously in Meredith v. Pence that the Choice Scholarship Program, which provides vouchers to low-income and middle-income families in the Hoosier State, is constitutional," the Heritage Foundation's Lindsey Burke reported recently. "The suit, brought by the teachers unions, sought to end the country's largest and most inclusive school-voucher program."

    FEULNER: School choice is on the march →

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