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    Let the NFL worry how its fans will handle a cold weather Super Bowl in New Jersey.

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TOUGH GUY: Brock Lesnar is the heavyweight champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    Mixed martial arts promoters flex Hill muscle

    As the sport of mixed martial arts has fought for the respect and market share enjoyed by the nation's more established professional pastimes, the industry's biggest player has found that money talks in the halls of Congress and in statehouses across the country.

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  • Sitting on a panel with executives from Major League Baseball's Internet media company and sports cable giant ESPN, Lorenzo Fertitta in December told the House Judiciary Committee that the UFC is potentially "losing out on tens of millions of dollars a year from piracy."

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  • UFC's success "was threatened by the theft in retransmission of our live pay-per-view events," which account for nearly half of its revenues, he told lawmakers.

    Mixed martial arts promoters flex Hill muscle →

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