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  • Mr. Obama then ran for the Illinois State Senate, where he served for eight years and distinguished himself as someone who could cross not only party lines, but also the rural-urban divide.

    Obama's early near-miss

    CHICAGO — Barack Obama — whose meteoric rise to the U.S. Senate and the top tier of presidential candidates seems, in retrospect, almost preordained — nearly failed to win the community organizer's spot that became the first step on that climb.

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  • "Certain grants had to have the stamp of approval of a politician, and some bills had to be introduced by a particular politician to get something done, and he had to know who these people were, work with them, and it frustrated him [and] all of us," Mrs. Augustine-Herron said.

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  • "I think that is why he took the turn to go back to law school and work more to get to the political side. I think he knew that he had to take it a step further than organizing," she said.

    Obama's early near-miss →

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