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  • Customs and Border Protection Officer Rebecca Rhinehart asks a passenger about something in his suitcase at Washington Dulles International Airport. Customs officers search for illegal drugs, plants, animal products and food items. (The Washington Times)

    Court curbs laptop searches at U.S. border

    The Border Patrol cannot confiscate or download every laptop or electronic device brought into the U.S., a federal appeals court said, ruling that people have an expectation their data are private and that the government must have "reasonable suspicion" before it starts to snoop.

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  • A host of materials from "standard sexual education materials to novels for children and young adults by Judy Blume" would be implicated under the laws, and they "must be invalidated," Judge McKeown wrote.

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  • "It emphasized that electronic intelligence gathering depends in great part on cooperation from private companies ... and that if litigation were allowed to proceed against persons allegedly assisting in such activities, 'the private sector might be unwilling to cooperate with lawful government requests in the future,' " Judge M. Margaret McKeown said.

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