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  • Uighurs, Uzbeks supplant Arabs as jihadis in Pakistan’s lawless areas

    In the Pakistani tribal regions that harbor al Qaeda and a caldron of other jihadist groups, Islamic militants from Central Asia, China, Turkey and even Germany are growing in number, eclipsing Arabs and possibly raising new challenges not just for the U.S., but for Europe, Russia and China, say intelligence officials, analysts and residents of the area.

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  • Brig. Shah said the group is thought to include about 15 to 20 people, but, he conceded, "nothing much is known about them."

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  • "For three or four months we have been hearing that there are people who say they are from Germany who have been trickling in one by one," said retired Brig. Mahmood Shah, the former chief of security of Pakistan's tribal regions. "Some people say that they are Turkish, or appear to be Turkish, or maybe Turkish from Germany."

    Germans train with militants in Pakistan →

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