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  • Can selfie's be used to bully?

    Are you up for a challenge? Next time you see a selfie of someone you have envious feelings towards, say something nice. Who knows? Maybe, despite the “fake” or “perfect” looking façade, they need your kindness.

  • ** FILE ** A magnifying glass is posed over a monitor displaying a Facebook page in Munich on Oct. 10, 2011. (Associated Press)

    Fit mom booted from Facebook for anti-fat post deemed ‘hate speech'

    A fitness guru who sparked a media firestorm weeks ago for posing with her toned abs and three young kids in a pro-exercise photo with the caption, “what’s your excuse?” has now been booted from Facebook for making comments about the growing acceptance of fat — comments deemed “hate speech” by the social media site.

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  • "That's incredible," she said of Eriksen's slim silhouette, "but for those who are like me, it takes 9 months to build my belly and it took me nearly the same amount of time to get it back to where I wanted it...don't be hard on yourself.

    Can selfie's be used to bully? →

  • Kang’s Facebook page was slammed with hateful comments, some even going as far as to say she was a bad mother and that she should spend more time focusing on her kids, instead of her rock-hard abs.

    Can selfie's be used to bully? →

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