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  • **FILE** Lisa King (left) and Gus Turner hold pro-choice signs in front of the Supreme Court Building in 2009 while debating with pro-life protesters at the annual March for Life rally. (The Washington Times)

    Pro-choice activist spoiling for a fight

    Pro-choice advocates have been "forced … into a corner" by legislative maneuvering and should fight to "regain momentum," a Guttmacher Institute official says in a rally-the-troops article.

  • Women's groups spar on Palin

    Gearing up for another midterm battle, women's groups on opposite sides of the abortion debate have a new point of contention - former Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and her crop of "mama grizzly" endorsements.

  • associated press photographs
Doug Hoffman, conservative candidate for New York's 23rd Congressional District, greets diners at the Homestead Restaurant in Plattsburgh on Tuesday.

    Need for Republican unity seen as election lesson

    "Tea party" activists say Tuesday's elections show that the Republican Party needs conservatives for victory, but the results suggest solidarity is more important: unified Republicans steamrolled in Virginia, while they fractured in New York and lost a House seat that they had held for more than a century.

  • CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Bulletin Board

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who died Tuesday at 88, was known around the world for championing life and encouraging and supporting the mentally disabled by founding the Special Olympics. Mrs. Shriver's pro-life efforts included supporting such groups as Democrats for Life of America, Feminists for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List Advisory Committee.

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