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    In the summer of 1964, 22-year-old Martha Reeves took a bus from her home in Detroit's Eastside neighborhood, where she lived with her parents and 10 siblings, to a little house on Westside's Grand Boulevard with the big sign proclaiming "Hitsville, U.S.A."

  • Review: In praise of Clarence Birdseye's curiosity

    "Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man" (Doubleday), by Mark Kurlansky: The author who told us more than we ever thought there was to know about cod ("Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World") and salt ("Salt: A World History") is back with a more traditional biography.

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    Forget the trope "you are what you eat." Two new books demonstrate that cuisine is what made us human in the first place.

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  • After just a few chapters, I got the feeling that Mr. Kurlansky, who has written some 23 books — 13 previous works of nonfiction, four fiction books, four books for juveniles, and one translation (of Emile Zola's "The Belly of Paris") — is a writer who has never met a fact he doesn't like.

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Ready for a Brand New Beat' →

  • Mr. Kurlansky writes, "In June 1964 the social, political, and cultural upheaval that would be known as 'the sixties' was about to explode, and Martha Reeves, knowing little about such things, has just sung its anthem."

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Ready for a Brand New Beat' →

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