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  • Raises approved for workers at SC research company

    The board overseeing a South Carolina company that fosters technology jobs approved Thursday increasing employees' pay by $290,000 in an effort to make their salaries more competitive.

  • South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford

    S.C. to reject U.S. funds, sees strings

    Days after President Obama singled out a run-down school in South Carolina as a reason the federal government needs to get involved, Gov. Mark Sanford says the government's monopoly over public schools is the real problem.

  • Associated Press
As Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell (left) addresses reporters, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick talks to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during a news conference at the National Governors Association meeting in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

    Obama hijacks GOP language on key issues

    Borrowing a line from the Republican-revolution playbook of the 1990s, President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday told the nation's governors that he wants them to reassert states as the laboratories for solutions to the nation's big problems.

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