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  • "John Carter" sees Taylor Kitsch transported to Mars where he leads the resident Thark people against an invader. (Disney via Associated Press)

    MOVIE REVIEW: 'John Carter'

    "John Carter" is directed by Andrew Stanton, the Pixar wiz behind lovingly crafted animated wonders "WALL-E" and "Finding Nemo." Like those movies, "John Carter" offers plenty of computer-generated spectacle. But what "Carter" lacks is heart.

  • Actor Ryan Reynolds speaks at a panel discussion of his feature film "Green Lantern" at Comic Con in San Diego, Calif. on Saturday, July 24, 2010. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

    'Green Lantern' footage shown at 'Comic Con'

    Ryan Reynolds says he took the title role in "Green Lantern" to play a hero that can "throw a punch, tell a joke and kiss a girl."

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