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    One day not long ago — Jan. 1, 2012, to be exact — Martin Manley set a New Year's resolution unlike any other: "To explore the idea of committing suicide sooner rather than later."

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  • "I wanted to have one of the most organized good-byes in recorded history, and I think I will be successful," he wrote. "The key has always been to do it before it becomes impossible to accomplish what I'm doing now — because then it's too late and I would simply be along for the ride to the inevitable cliff. And that has always been an unacceptable conclusion to my life."

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  • Although he says this — "The major reasons adults commit suicide — health, legal, financial, loss of loved ones, loneliness or depression … none of those issues are relevant to me" — a psychologist might find plenty in his thousands of words to diagnose him with acute narcissism or delusions of grandeur or clinical depression.

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