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  • BOOK REVIEW: Brothers in arms

    Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and George S. Patton were the three standout American generals in the war against Nazi Germany, and they have been the subject of an infinite number of histories over the past 65 years.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Atlantis'

    Of making books about the legend of Atlantis there is no end, and much reading of them is truly a weariness of the flesh. Into thisvast and ever-extending phantasm world of wild and weird speculations, Northern Irish historian Emmet Sweeney's new study comes as a welcome and sobering mug of strong, high-quality coffee.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The War that Came Early: West and East'

    Has there ever been a more deceptive and subtle philosopher of history than Harry Turtledove? He entertains so engagingly and with so much light-fingered confidence that his many readers seldom stop to think about the subversive, unsettling questions about the prosecution of human affairs and the unfolding of destiny that he proposes.

  • BOOKS: 'While the Arab World Slept'

    Slick, sweeping, arrogant and ignorant prescriptions on what to "do" about the Middle East, and how successive U.S. administrations should "guide" or "reshape" it are a dime a dozen. Serious, knowledgeable first-hand accounts of the region are few indeed. So there is especial reason to welcome Claude Salhani's new analysis-cum-personal memoir.

  • BOOKS: 'The Illustrious Dead'

    In this riveting book, experienced writer Stephan Talty documents how the lowly, miserable, lethal typhus microbe destroyed Napoleon Bonaparte's plan to conquer Russia in 1812.

  • BOOKS: 'Winston Churchill: The Flawed Genius of World War II'

    Christopher Catherwood, a distinguished British historian, has written an enjoyable, opinionated, highly readable but also, alas, fundamentally silly and flawed book.

  • BOOKS: 'Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom'

    Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom," Bruce Bawer documents a phenomenon still inconceivable to most Americans although, as he proves, it is happening on our side of the Atlantic Ocean, too — the almost total suppression of free speech in most European nations about the rising threat of extremist Islam across the continent.

  • BOOKS: 'Promised Virgins: A Novel of Jihad'

    If there is a special circle of literary hell reserved for the category of acclaimed, pretentious, unbearably bad novels, this ridiculous book belongs there.

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