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Sister Julia Marie walks with students to her classroom before teaching a chemistry class at St. Cecilia Academy, a high school, on Tuesday in Nashville, Tenn. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia has 27 postulants entering the convent this fall, likely the largest group of new nuns in training in the U.S., according to religious scholars.

    Postulants not kicking the habit

    A handful of Roman Catholic convents are contradicting the decades-long slide in the number of women choosing to devote their lives to the sisterhood. And at least two of them are doing it by sticking to tradition, including the wearing of habits.

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  • Potential postulants see "young vibrant women, obviously happy with what they're doing" at St. Cecilia's and other growing orders, said Mary Gautier, senior research associate at CARA.

    Postulants not kicking the habit →

  • She said entering postulants this fall include a highly decorated Harvard graduate and students from Notre Dame, St. Louis University and other esteemed schools.

    Postulants not kicking the habit →

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