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  • A speed camera is positioned underneath Washington Circle Park for east bound traffic  on K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., Monday, December 30, 2013. The Metropolitan Police Department is delaying the start to issuing tickets for 130 new traffic enforcement cameras in the District. Drivers will begin getting fines for speeding and violations at stop signs, crosswalks and intersections beginning in an unannounced time in the future. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Ambitious legislation would reform traffic ticketing procedures

    Acknowledging years of frustration on the part of motorists, a D.C. Council member on Tuesday proposed an ambitious plan to create a new agency that would reform the way traffic tickets are issued, processed and adjudicated.

  • Ward 3 Council member Mary M. Cheh questions members of the Metropolitan Police Department about automated camera ticket delivery delays during a meeting of the traffic enforcement task force on Tuesday. Ms. Cheh is co-chairperson of the panel. (Raymond Thompson/The Washington Times)

    D.C. Council to weigh November vote for attorney general

    The D.C. Council on Monday is set to consider a bill that would schedule an election for D.C. attorney general in November — likely the last chance to put the issue before voters for four years.

  • D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    D.C. Council member calls on fire chief to resign

    A D.C. Council member is calling on the District's fire chief to resign, after the release last week of a committee report that questioned the chief's leadership ability and recommended disapproval of his signature ambulance redeployment plan.

  • D.C. Council backs driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

    D.C. Council members voiced overwhelming support Thursday for legislation that allows illegal immigrants in the District to acquire driver's licenses, but tussled with the Department of Motor Vehicles director over how to issue such a document and keep in step with federal law.

  • EDITORIAL: Mrs. Cheh's insurance scam

    The D.C. Council, always on the scout for a new way to pick the pockets of the people who live in Washington, now proposes to require gun owners to pay for exercising their constitutional rights. Under a proposal introduced by Mary M. Cheh, a member of the council, gun owners would be required to buy liability insurance.

  • D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    D.C. bill would require gun owners to buy liability insurance

    The District would be the first jurisdiction in the country to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance, under a bill being considered by the D.C. Council.

  • Mugs seen as crime solvers

    A D.C. lawmaker is looking to end the Metropolitan Police Department's long-standing ban on the release of mug shots of people who are arrested — a move she hopes will increase the likelihood of solving other crimes.

  • D.C. Council pushes campaign finance to ’13

    Despite months of rhetoric and proposals, D.C. lawmakers failed to pass sweeping campaign finance reforms by the end of a legislative period that was historic for all the wrong reasons.

  • A traffic speed enforcement unit was set up in the Ninth Street tunnel in Northwest on Tuesday. D.C. Council members, citing constituent concerns, are considering lowering the fine from speed cameras to $50 per violation. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    D.C. Council signals a turn on traffic-camera fines

    City lawmakers on Tuesday answered a mounting chorus of motorists who say the District is burdening them with pricey traffic-camera fines in an attempt to balance the local budget under the banner of public safety.

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