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  • Reggae + Hanukkah = Matisyahu

    With the recent conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas as background, the music by Matisyahu, the Grammy-nominated Jewish reggae singer, is all the more poignant.

  • Hasidic reggae star Matisyahu shaves off his beard

    New York City-based Hasidic reggae superstar Matisyahu (ma-tis-YAH'-hoo) is on a new religious path, but it's unclear which one.

  • "My religion's a big part of my life, says actor Jon Heder, a Mormon, shown recording the voiceover for the new film "Surf's Up.

    Keeping the faith, enjoying the fame

    In the modern-day world of celebrity, religion often seems reduced to a commodity. A fashionable trend that can be bought into and discarded as easily as a red string Kabbalah bracelet or a designer yoga mat bag. A choice that has more to do with accessorizing than the afterlife.

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  • "There's such a conglomeration of different cultures and religions," Matisyahu says of this country, "and everyone is trying to figure out in this big stew who they are and what they're made of, where they came from."

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  • "That exploration is important," he says, "and at the same time, understanding what it means to be an American and seeing how the two relate.

    Keeping the faith, enjoying the fame →

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