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  • Column: A real chance for change in the BCS

    LSU fans had all but disappeared into the New Orleans night by the final minutes of last month's dreary BCS title game, leaving en masse when they figured out a team that couldn't get past the 50-yard-line wasn't going to magically find a way to cross the goal line. They weren't alone, with people across the nation abandoning their TVs in hope of finding something even remotely more interesting.

  • INFLUENCE GAME: Picking a college football champ

    A political action committee that wants to change how the national college football champion is crowned had little success with its first strategy, raising money to elect lawmakers friendly to its cause of establishing a playoff system. It's made itself relevant, though, with another tactic _ investigating the current bowl-game system and filing complaints about corruption and waste.

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  • "None of us are delusional. We don't think this is a top-order issue for Congress. But even with everything else on Congress' plate, this is an issue that merits attention because it's financially and culturally significant to their constituents," said Matthew Sanderson, a lawyer who is one of the PAC's organizers.

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  • "I'm not encouraged by talk, though I would be encouraged by them actually following through," he said. "For umpteen reasons, I doubt their motives for even engaging in this discussion."

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