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  • Morsi's backers, foes clash in Cairo

    Clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt's Islamist president erupted Wednesday outside his palace, where they attacked one another with clubs and firebombs in violence that pointed up the growing political division in the Arab world's most populous country.

  • Backers of Morsi converge on court

    Egypt's political crisis deepened over the weekend, as judges shut down the country's highest court Sunday after crowds of Islamists backing the government surrounded the courthouse.

  • Members of the Islamist-dominated Egyptian Constitutional Assembly pushed through a final draft of a new constitution Thursday over the objections of more liberal members. The move is likely to stoke a deepening political crisis between the president and the opposition. (Associated Press)

    Tensions rise over new law in Egypt

    Tensions heightened in advance of massive anti-government protests scheduled for Friday and Saturday after an Islamist-controlled panel hurriedly approved Thursday a final draft of Egypt's constitution that, among its new dictates, would grant Muslim clerics a role in interpreting some legal matters — angering critics and worrying minorities in this secular Islamic nation.

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  • "Liberal forces see that the current phrasing in the constitution gives a huge role for religious texts in legislation," Mr. Hassan said. "The fact that there is no consensus over what these religious texts actually mean complicates the process and will mean, the liberals fear, adding an Islamist flavor to the legislative process in the future."

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  • "The power of the president has not been decreased as was hoped for," Mazen Hassan, a political science lecturer at Cairo University, said of the new constitution. "[It] will give him not only total executive power, but also the right to intervene in legislative power."

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