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  • Boffo box office is new gig for character actress

    The top spot at the box office is rare turf for Kelly Macdonald, a character actress known on the big-screen mainly for supporting roles in such films as "No Country for Old Men" and "Finding Neverland."

  • Today's movie princesses want more than a prince

    For modern movie princesses, looking pretty and marrying a prince isn't enough.

  • Princess Merida uses her bow to fight off creatures in Brave: The Video Game.

    Zadzooks: Brave the Video Game review (PS3)

    Disney-Pixar's latest animated epic hits theaters today, and its third-person adventure game arrives in time to empower young gamers.

  • Merida, the princess-heroine of "Brave," would rather perfect her archery than behave as her mother, the queen, wants. Their changing relationship brightens the film. (Associated Press)

    MOVIE REVIEW: 'Brave'

    Feminist pop-culture monitors have been on high alert since learning that the heroine of "Brave," Pixar's first female protagonist, is - uh-oh - a fairy-tale princess, the most insidious archetype ever devised by the patriarchy for reinforcing traditional gender roles. The feminists needn't have worried.

  • Review: `Brave' is beautiful but plays it too safe

    Pixar is long overdue for a feature with a strong female character at its center. Now that she's arrived, it's clear that she deserves better.

  • 'Brave' new princess to join Disney court

    The newest princess from the Walt Disney Co. is more interested in shooting arrows and hunting bears than attending balls and finding Prince Charming.

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