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  • Climber rescued from Oregon's Mount Hood

    A climber who fell hundreds of feet down Mount Hood was rescued by a helicopter and transported to a Portland hospital.

  • Steelers player Adams stabbed in robbery attempt

    An offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers was stabbed twice during an attempted carjacking early Saturday on the city's South Side, police said.

  • Farkas-Hou after 29. d5.

    SANDS: Some are still ready to risk a fabled gambit

    The most romantic of chess openings doesn't get many dates these days. A favorite of 19th-century masters, including Paul Morphy and Johannes Zukertort, and a powerful ā€” if occasional ā€” weapon in the arsenal of gunslingers such as David Bronstein and Boris Spassky, the King's Gambit is a rarity on the modern tournament circuit.

  • Appeals court to hear UNCW prof's claim

    A federal appeals court in Virginia will consider a University of North Carolina at Wilmington associate professor's claim that he was denied a promotion because of his conservative Christian views.

  • Small players coming up big in the NFL this season

    New England running back Danny Woodhead jokingly asked if he could have a step-stool the next time he was required to speak at a podium.

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