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  • Illustration: Megamind by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    MACKINNON: President's incomplete report card

    People who live in glass houses built at least in part from the largesse of political correctness and affirmative action should not throw stones. And yet, here we have Juan Williams doing just that as he follows in the deep footprints of the hundreds before him who have lobbed hackneyed, gratuitous and even hate-filled insults at Sarah Palin.

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  • He did say that one of the goals of the country's revolutionary leaders was to bring a more democratic spirit to scholarship.

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  • "The Founders felt that one of the most important things that differentiated us from the European regimes they wanted to get away from was that Americans would be and should be as relentlessly self-critical as possible and learn from both the successes and shortcomings of earlier generations of leaders and citizens," Beschloss says.

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