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  • ** FILE ** Then-Sen. Chuck Hagel, Nebraska Republican, speaks on foreign policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington in 2008. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

    Pentagon campaign for Hagel questionable, expert says

    The White House, not the Pentagon, should be making the political argument to the Senate to confirm former Sen. Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary, a government expert says.

  • Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times
Protesters shouted: "Arrest Bush, not her" as Metropolitan Police Department officers escorted a woman from Lafayette Park.

    Anti-war protests muted but disruptive

    Protests marking the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war yesterday included no Hollywood stars and drew only a fraction of the tens of thousands that typically come to the nation's capital for war protests.

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  • Michael Franc, vice president for government relations at the Heritage Foundation in the District, said the low turnout reflects the issues defining the presidential campaigns, particularly how the war has become "second fiddle" to the economy and health care.

    Anti-war protests muted but disruptive →

  • "What the candidates are saying and not saying is a market test on how the interest in the war has diminished," he said.

    Anti-war protests muted but disruptive →

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