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  • Oscar winner gets Austria geriatric society prize

    It isn't an Oscar or any other film industry prize, but Austrian director Michael Haneke says he is grateful for his award from the Austrian Society of Geriatric Medicine.

  • 'Amour' wins Oscar for best foreign language film

    Michael Haneke's brutal depiction of an aging couple, "Amour," has won the Academy Award for best foreign language film.

  • Waltz wins supporting-actor prize for 'Django'

    Christoph Waltz really owes Quentin Tarantino. Waltz won his second supporting-actor Academy Award on Sunday for a Tarantino film, this time as a genteel bounty hunter in the slave-revenge saga "Django Unchained."

  • Oscar foreign film nominees reveal movie magic

    A few old-school video cameras, a cloned apartment, a sea of digital sharks, and an actress who helped herself to craft services were just a few tricks that international filmmakers employed in their Oscar nominated films.

  • "Quartet," starring Maggie Smith, has a more uplifting take on aging. (Sony Pictures Classics)

    'Amour' vs. 'Quartet': Hollywood and the creeping mainstreaming of euthanasia

    It’s hardly a secret that Hollywood has little use for old people doddering around on the big screen. But, you might wonder, isn't promoting euthanasia for the elderly a bit extreme, even for a morally relativistic, youth-obsessed movie industry targeted at the young? You had to ask.

  • Globe-nominated foreign filmmakers discuss craft

    The makers of three Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated foreign films shared the secrets of their craft _ and admiration for one another _ at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 10th annual Foreign Film Symposium.

  • Academy shows love for 'Amour' with 5 Oscar nods

    Hollywood's movie elite sent their love to "Amour" on Thursday, giving director Michael Haneke's searing portrait of old age five Academy Award nominations including best foreign film and _ unexpectedly _ best picture.

  • Review: `Amour' delicately depicts difficult topic

    Michael Haneke takes a subject you don't often see in movies and probably don't even want to see _ the slow, steady deterioration of an elderly woman _ and handles it with great grace in "Amour."

  • Froth, frocks and film at an anxiety-tinged Cannes

    There was Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman, red carpet glamour and a crop of new Academy Award contenders _ but this was also the year the global financial crisis exploded onto movie screens at Cannes.

  • Haneke's 'Amour' wins top prize at Cannes

    The Cannes Film Festival rewarded one of its favorite directors Sunday, as Michael Haneke won the top prize for a second time with his stark film about love and death, "Amour."

  • Haneke, Loach among Cannes highlights thus far

    The first half of the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival has completed a life cycle in films that range from the motivating spark of child birth to the despair of slow death in old age.

  • Jean-Louis Trintignant back on screen in 'Amour'

    It's 43 years since Jean-Louis Trintignant was named the Cannes Film Festival's best actor for "Z," and 14 years since the French performer all but gave up filmmaking to focus on the stage.

  • An American influx at Cannes' global glamour fest

    Despite the mood in Europe, don't expect any austerity at the Cannes Film Festival, the annual Cote d'Azur extravaganza where glamour is wrapped in world cinema fervor and gauzy Mediterranean sunshine.

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