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  • Michael B. Oren

    Embassy Row: Israel's Oren speaks out

    Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren is worried that the United States is withdrawing from foreign affairs and he doubts that U.S. efforts to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians will calm tensions in the Middle East.

  • Embassy Row: Drugs and terror

    Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren is warning about the links between Latin American drug lords and Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorists.

  • Embassy Row: The best and the worst

    Israel may be surrounded by hostile nations that want to destroy it, but its ambassador in Washington still holds out hope for the future.

  • Embassy Row: No comment

    An ambassador, it is said, is someone who thinks very carefully before saying nothing. Never is that old saying truer than during an American presidential campaign.

  • Embassy Row: Israel and Democrats

    israel and democratsIsraeli Ambassador Michael Oren found himself thrust into Democratic Party politics this week when he denied that he had ever told the party chairwoman that Republican policies are "dangerous for Israel."

  • Embassy Row: Another Hitler in Iran

    Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren compared the Iranian regime to the Nazis and denounced the Islamic theocracy for "pledging to murder another six million" Jews.

  • Embassy Row: Ambassador angers Arab

    A leading Arab member of the Israeli parliament is threatening to sue the Israeli ambassador to the United States over an article the diplomat wrote that portrays him as a supporter of suicide bombers.

  • Embassy Row: Defaming Israel

    Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren is accusing the president of a major Christian relief organization of defaming the Jewish state by accusing Israel of restricting Palestinian Christians from attending Easter services in Jerusalem.

  • **FILE**  Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the United States (AP Photo)

    Israel envoy: Outlook for peace talks not 'particularly bright'

    The outlook for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks does not look "particularly bright," Israel's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday, as international mediators descended on Jerusalem in search of a formula to jump-start negotiations between the parties.

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