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  • In this Monday, Sept. 17, 2012 file photo, Nick Popaditch, a Republican congressional candidate in the California's 53rd District, poses for a photo showing his Marine Corps insignia in his right eye in La Mesa, Calif. Popaditch, who was injured in Iraq on April 7, 2004, says, "...if the bad guys come back into control, that's not something I can control 8,000 miles away here. I'm just proud of the fact that when it came time to stand and fight for those things, those concepts of freedom, liberty, human rights ... I'm glad my nation did it." (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

    Reversals in hard-won Iraqi city vex veterans

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — Shirley Parrello knows that her youngest boy believed in his mission in Iraq. But as she watches Iraqi government forces try to retake the hard-won city of Fallujah from al-Qaida-linked fighters, she can't help wondering if it was worth Marine Lance Cpl. Brian Parrello's sacrifice.

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  • "It's one of the lifetime struggles of good versus bad," says Shupp, who now works as a defense lobbyist in Washington, D.C. "And this is the time for Iraq to come forward.

    Reversals in hard-won Iraqi city vex veterans →

  • "I'm very disappointed right now, very frustrated," says retired Marine Col. Mike Shupp, who commanded the regimental combat team that secured the city in late 2004. "But this is part of this long war, and this is just another fight, another battle in this long struggle against terrorism and oppression."

    Reversals in hard-won Iraqi city vex veterans →

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