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  • Raul Castro provides few changes

    Today has been declared Cuba Solidarity Day by the White House to remind Americans that the citizens of that small island just 90 miles off U.S. shores are still trapped in one of the world's few remaining communist dictatorships. It is a cause well worth paying attention to. These relics of the 20th century cling on to life in the 21st century, keeping their citizens from achieving the freedom and prosperity that so many states, formerly in communist thrall, have attained since 1989.

  • World Scene


  • World Scene


  • Embassy Row

    'Take risks'

  • A place in the sun

    Joseph Stalin said that the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions a statistic. What, then, does that make of the death of 100 million? Too much for the human mind to handle?

  • 'The right thing to do'

    Twenty years ago today, Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and delivered a speech that would become his most enduring. The speech, and its iconic admonishment to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, came to be emblematic of the fall of the Berlin Wall — and of America's triumph over Communism. Top officials at the State Department and National Security Council thought the renowned exhortation was too much; Mr. Reagan, on the other hand, knew it was "the right thing to do."

  • Reagan's famous line nearly clipped from Berlin speech

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Top administration officials said the speech was all wrong. Too provocative, said the National Security Council. Too tough, said the State Department.

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