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The term Mile High Club (or MHC) is a slang term applied collectively to individuals who have sexual intercourse while on board an aircraft. There is no known formally constituted club so named. However, since "membership" of the "club" is really a matter of an individual asserting they have qualified, the qualifications for membership are open to some interpretation. - Source: Wikipedia

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  • Rush Limbaugh and other conservative leaders have banded together to demand that TV networks "stop censoring" news of the Internal Revenue Service scandal.
(Associated Press)

    Inside the Beltway: The GOP and the 'Mile High Club'

    There's data for everything. Tucked away in a new Public Policy Polling survey on airline travel was this question to 800 registered voters: "Are you a member of the Mile High Club?" Well fasten your seatbelts, folks. Republicans win this one.

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