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  • In this photo taken Friday, Feb. 11, 2011, Nancy Castillo watches birds at numerous feeding stations at her home in Providence, N.Y. Beginning on Feb. 18, she will be joining bird watchers across the United States and Canada in helping to create a snapshot of bird populations as part of the Great Backyard Bird Count. (AP Photo/Tim Roske)

    Birders prepare for count mindful of mass die-offs

    Thousands of citizen-scientists across North America are getting out their tally sheets for the 13th annual Great Backyard Bird Count, a usually festive weekend given a more serious edge after the mass deaths of thousands of birds in the South this winter.

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  • In the Northeast, where much of the landscape is buried under deep snowdrifts, American robins are likely to be scarce, based on data from previous years showing that they tend to avoid areas with heavy snow cover, Ms. Chu said.

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  • "One thing we anticipate this year is the presence of birds from the boreal forest of Canada, such as common redpolls, at feeders in the Northern U.S.," said Cornell's Miyoko Chu. "They stay up North when they can find enough seeds, but this year birders are seeing them at their feeders."

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