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  • World Briefs: New interior minister cracked down on al Qaeda

    King Abdullah on Monday appointed as interior minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who has led a crackdown on al-Qaeda terrorists and survived a suicide bomb attack claimed by the jihadists.

  • A UPS cargo plane sits on the tarmac of the north cargo terminal area at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday in Atlanta. The discovery of U.S.-bound mail bombs on cargo planes in England and Dubai reveals the danger posed by air shipping, which is governed by a patchwork of inconsistent controls that make packages a potential threat even to passenger jets, experts said Saturday. (Associated Press)

    Package bombers not 'quite there yet'

    U.S. intelligence agencies remain on alert but do not think additional package bombs are immediately heading for the U.S. after the third failed attack by the Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula over the weekend.

  • **FILE** Yemeni soldiers guard convicted al Qaeda militants in San'a, Yemen, on July 11, 2010. A Yemeni appeals court upheld death sentences against four al Qaeda militants in deadly attacks that included the assault on the U.S. Embassy and the killing of two Belgian tourists in 2008. (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring

    The FBI is working to track down several hundred American Muslims who traveled to Yemen in recent months and received training there at the hands of the al Qaeda terrorist group, according to U.S. government officials.

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