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  • Essam el-Erian vice chairman of the Freedom And Justice party, speaks during a session at the Shura Council building in Cairo on Dec. 26, 2012. The official approval of Egypt's disputed and Islamist-backed constitution the previous day held out little hope of stabilizing the country after two years of turmoil and Islamist President Mohammed Morsi may now face a more immediate crisis with the economy falling deeper into distress. (Associated Press)

    Egypt's government sets priorities after charter

    Egypt's government asked parliament Wednesday to prioritize legislation to organize parliamentary elections, regulate the media and fight corruption as the upper chamber held its first session with temporary new powers granted by the constitution.

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  • minister, Mohammed Mahsoub, told Wednesday's session that the government will prepare new legislation for the Shura Council to discuss, including a law to regulate the upcoming parliamentary elections, anti-corruption laws, and laws to organize Egypt's efforts to recover money from corrupt Mubarak-era officials.

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  • "I congratulate the Egyptian people on behalf of the government for the passing of the constitution of the second republic, which establishes a modern democratic state where the people's voices are heard and where injustice, dictatorship, repression, nepotism and corruption take a back seat," Mahsoub told the session.

    Egypt's government sets priorities after charter →

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