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  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat, denies discriminating against and mocking a staffer with a vision disability, but a judge says the federal lawsuit by the now-former staffer can go forward. (Associated Press)

    Judge: Discrimination suit against Rep. Jackson Lee can proceed

    A judge has refused to dismiss a federal lawsuit accusing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of discriminating against and mocking a disabled staffer — charges the Texas Democrat denies.

  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat (Associated Press)

    Who are the best and worst bosses on Capitol Hill?

    The Washington Times analyzed a decade of congressional pay records to find the offices with the highest turnover rates and found 27 members who — over a period of four or more years — lost an annual average of at least one-third of their staff who sought calmer pastures or were fired.

  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat, is the target of a lawsuit by an ex-aide who claims the congresswoman is not a true advocate for the disabled. The ex-aide, who has a vision disability, has filed suit. (Associated Press)

    Disabled ex-aide sues Jackson Lee

    When Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee spoke at a House hearing last year, she made clear the federal government needed to do more to help disabled Americans and even talked of plans to introduce legislation named after singer Stevie Wonder to help disabled schoolchildren.

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