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  • Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Kofi Annan, the U.N. envoy for the Syrian crisis, conferred in Moscow on Tuesday on efforts to end the fighting in Syria. (Associated Press)

    Terrified Syrians pack up to flee capital

    Fighting between rebels and Syrian forces intensified and spread across the capital of Damascus on Tuesday as diplomats scrambled to shore up a tough international response to the "civil war" ahead of a U.N. deadline for withdrawing observers.

  • Soldiers move down a street in Daraa, Syria, in this video scene shown on the Internet. Amateur video emerged Monday from Syria that purported to show ongoing violence in the country. Scenes could not be independently verified as showing the Syrian government brutalizing its people. (Associated Press)

    Syrian forces reportedly kill more than 200

    Syrian security forces this week killed more than 200 people on the eve of a visit by international observers monitoring Syria's compliance with an Arab League peace plan, according to eyewitnesses, activists and opposition sources.

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