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  • Romney to build on debate boost

    An energized Mitt Romney is looking to build on his new campaign momentum in the country’s swing states, including in Ohio, where he is deploying some of his heaviest political artillery and personalizing his message in his hunt for undecided voters.

  • Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addresses the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles on Sept. 17, 2012. (Associated Press)

    Romney campaign gets down to specifics

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will recalibrate his message over the final weeks of the race, his campaign said Monday, putting a "new emphasis" on the "specific aspects" of his policy prescriptions for strengthening the nation's economy and foreign policy abroad.

  • With the U.S. Capitol in the background, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks about the Supreme Court's health care ruling on June 28, 2012. (Associated Press)

    Romney adviser: Health care not a tax

    While congressional Republicans have seized on the Supreme Court's ruling that President Obama's health care overhaul is constitutional as a tax, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's top campaign strategist undercut that line of argument Monday, saying that the governor agrees with Mr. Obama that the law is not a tax.

  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney celebrates his win in the New Hampshire primary election in Manchester, N.H., on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

    Romney boosts bankroll with best fundraising quarter

    Fresh off his win in New Hampshire, making former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney two-for-two in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, his campaign on Wednesday said he had raised $24 million in the final three months of 2011 and had $19 million in cash on hand.

  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination at McKelvie Intermediate School in Bedford, N.H., on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

    Romney weakens in N.H. as foes slam jobs record

    As voters head to the polls at the New Hampshire presidential primary, Mitt Romney's rivals blasted his record as a venture capitalist while the Republican front-runner's support in polls eroded further.

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