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British prime minister Winston Churchill on a launch leaving Westminster Pier with American politicians Harry Hopkins, John Winant, and William Bullitt; Labour politician and First Lord of Admiralty A. V. Alexander is to the right.

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Citizens of London'

    More than half a century has passed, and memories have faded, so it is the triumph of this book that the author has so poignantly re-created a time of grim grandeur when the world was shaken by a struggle that encompassed not only the powerful, but, to an extraordinary degree, the ordinary people who lived through it.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Man from Beijing'

    It begins with a starving wolf chewing on the leg of a man slain in a village massacre in Sweden. And it ends with the wolf.

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    BOOKS: 'The Information Officer'

    In 1942, in the dark early years of World War II, the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta was battered by German bombers and living in dread of a Nazi invasion. The last thing it needed was a serial killer on the prowl.

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    BOOKS: 'A Gambling Man'


  • BOOKS: 'Talking About Detective Fiction'

    As one of the reigning queens of mystery fiction, P.D. James is well qualified to characterize a certain era as the "golden age" of murder.

  • BOOKS: 'A Rumpole Christmas: Stories'

    Christmas without Rumpole would be like Christmas without Scrooge.

  • BOOKS: Criminal riches and France at war

    In Reginald Hill's "Midnight Fugue," the Fat Man is back in a melee of crime and political corruption that would have demolished anyone else still recuperating from being blown up by a bomb.

  • BOOKS: 'The Sisters Who Would Be Queen'

    Leanda de Lisle has called her book "a Tudor tragedy" and she cannot be accused of exaggeration. Cruelty and tragedy roll through her well researched pages, making clear that life in the Tudor days held more horror than happiness.

  • BOOKS: 'Once on a Moonless Night'

    This is a miniature and mystical history of China from the days of the Last Emperor in the 1930s through the senseless savagery of the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s to a modern China still inextricably tied to its past.

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