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  • Int'l Jazz Day to celebrate Turkish jazz link

    Pianist Herbie Hancock will celebrate the special connection between Turkey and jazz music forged decades ago when the Turkish ambassador opened his residence to white and black musicians at a time when segregation held sway in the U.S. capital.

  • Embassy Row: Dueling over Cyprus

    The Turkish ambassador this week accused the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee of a cynical assault over the divided island of Cyprus in an election-year political stunt.

  • Embassy Row

    Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan said Thursday that his country is pressing the United States for more aid in its fight against separatist Kurdish rebels, who operate along Turkey's mountainous border with northern Iraq.

  • **FILE** President Barack Obama (Associated Press)

    Embassy Row

    The Turkish ambassador accused President Obama of pandering to the American-Armenian lobby in weekend remarks, while Armenians denounced him for failing to use the word "genocide" to describe a widely disputed World War I massacre.

  • Embassy Row

    Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan dodged tough questions from an Armenian-American journalist who pressed him on the destruction of churches in Turkey and the Armenian "genocide" in World War I.

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