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    For all those readers who can't get enough of the Mitford clan, with their pet names and jokes, shrieks of laughter and shafts of barbed wit, here's yet more fodder. Readers of Nancy Mitford's books know about her Francophile tastes and her heroines' bliss -- a favorite Mitford word -- in the discovery of an aristocratic French lover.

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    Susan Mary Alsop was a saloniste extraordinaire who served more than tea and sympathy in the fashionable drawing rooms of her well-appointed Georgetown and Paris homes.

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    Some authors are so major that even their minor efforts deserve attention. Such a man is Paul Johnson, the English writer whose 15 books include an outstanding history of Christianity and several worthy popular compilations on subjects including the American people, the English people and the birth and evolution of modern times.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Wait for Me!'

    In the strange world of the Mitfords - eccentrics even with the high bar that existed among the English aristocracy - amid the shrieking laughter at the perpetual torrent of jokes for which anything, everything and anyone was fodder, there was a private network of terms and individual nicknames.

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  • And unlike Nancy, she can reveal a fond heart, manifest in everything she writes about a husband whom she loved for more than 60 years, truly a portrait of a marriage warts and all but with admirable wisdom, restraint and loyalty.

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