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    One of the reasons that myths creep into history is that the unvarnished truth makes for rather drab reading. Consider this candid admission from America's greatest naval historian, Samuel Eliot Morison:

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    The archivists at the Library of Congress know well the ruddy face and tenacious mind of researcher Michael Hill.

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    Maneuver warfare remains at the core of American ground-combat doctrine. It calls for our Army and Marines to reject a linear and attrition-oriented approach to combat, relying instead on taking the initiative from the enemy and attacking where he is weak or exploiting gaps in his defenses.

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  • "I wanted to retrace Custer's steps, 300 miles over sparsely populated terrain," Philbrick says. "We were out there on the terrain and got stuck in the mud in the place where Sitting Bull was killed. We've had all sorts of adventures and having him there was an immense help."

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  • "They were just blundering around, stealing corn and angering the people they are going to need to have on their side if they are going to have any hope of survival," Mr. Philbrick said.

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