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  • Job seekers stand in line to learn more information about working at Goodwill Industries at a Career Fair event in San Francisco, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits plummeted last week to the lowest level since April 2008, an optimistic sign that the recovery in the job market is picking up. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    Fewer jobs in public sector cut last year

    Across the nation, fewer state and local government employees are losing their jobs, marking a slight but significant return of economic confidence after years of massive cuts.

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  • "You may see mortgage situations improve, spending improving, sales tax revenue going up and all of it will help state governments. I think that the recovery has been a slow one and probably not a steady one. I think that the public sector was later into the recession and data would suggest that they would be slower getting out than the private sector," he said.

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  • Neil Reichenberg, executive director of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, said he hopes the rate of job cuts is ebbing.

    Fewer jobs in public sector cut last year →

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