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  • #HumanityIsTheNewBlack: Hit Netflix series inspires Internet prison reform campaign

    Viewers may be disgusted by prison conditions on the hit Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black." But a reality is worse than fiction at one of the prisons were the series was filmed, says an advocacy group.

  • NYCLU: 'Orange is the New Black' filming location experiences 'floods of human feces'

    The New York Civil Liberties Union is taking advantage of the media focus on the popular Netflix show "Orange is the New Black" by launching a campaign called "Humanity is the New Black." The organization's plan is to draw attention to what it believes are deplorable living conditions in the women's prison where the series is partially filmed.

  • NY ethics board declines to shield finance reports

    New York's ethics board has notified four advocacy groups that it won't shield their financial backers from public disclosure, citing insufficient evidence that revealing their names is likely to result in threats or even harm to those supporters.

  • Salvation Army settles New York workers' suit

    The Salvation Army agreed Tuesday to settle a decade-old lawsuit accusing it of religious discrimination in its employment practices in New York.

  • NY judge signs deal reforming solitary confinement

    Children and pregnant inmates will no longer be subjected to solitary confinement for disciplinary reasons after a judge on Wednesday approved a deal expected to lead to further changes over the next two years in the use of extreme isolation as a punishment in state prisons.

  • NY stop-frisk deal lifts hope for more settlements

    The goodwill surrounding a deal to resolve how New York City carries out its stop-and-frisk crime-reducing tool is raising hopes that the new mayor will amicably resolve other disputes that have spilled into the courts as well, including the police department's eavesdropping in Muslim communities.

  • NY ethics board declines to shield reports

    New York's ethics board declined Tuesday to shield the financial reports of four advocacy groups that say public disclosure of their financial backers is likely to result in threats or even harm.

  • New York gets camera-shy


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