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  • An argument for bombing Iran Podhoretz sees 'World War IV'

    Norman Podhoretz, neocon par excellence and three years shy of his 80th birthday, has lost nothing of his fire and passion. If he has nothing but contempt for Europeans — "no readier to lift a finger to prevent a second Holocaust than they were the first time around" — he is filled with nothing but hope and praise for George W. Bush.

  • Guns of August?

    World peace is now at risk because of "new crazies who say, 'Let's go and bomb Iran.' " So spoke Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. He didn't mention names. But the latest "bombs away" clarion call came from no less a neoconservative giant than Norman Podhoretz, the original godfather of the movement that played a critical role in bringing down the Soviet empire.

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