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  • Pyongyang seen aiding effort to scrap nukes

    VIENNA, Austria (AP) — The U.N. atomic watchdog agency and the U.S. government both reported progress yesterday in the international effort to eliminate North Korea's nuclear program.

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  • Nuclear-tipped summitry

    The wily leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, appears to have taken a giant step toward getting his nation accepted as a nuclear weapons state.

  • U.S. told to halt military exercises

    SEOUL (AP) — North Korea delivered a demand to the U.S. military yesterday that it call off war maneuvers with South Korea scheduled at the same time as the second-ever summit between the rival Koreas later this month.

  • Korean leaders to meet in North

    SEOUL (AP) — The leaders of North and South Korea will hold only their second summit later this month, the South Korean president"s office announced today, in a repeat of the historic 2000 meeting that launched unprecedented reconciliation between the two longtime foes.

  • Mixed signals sent on China border

    BEIJING — In the aftermath of North Korea's nuclear test in October, Chinese soldiers stepped up construction of a concrete and barbed-wire barrier on the banks of the Yalu River, just north of the border city of Dandong.

  • Rising Sun setback

    More than Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party have been set back by the drubbing they took in last Sunday's election in Japan.

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