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  • U.S. envoy outlines N. Korea agenda

    THE WASHINGTON TIMES Chief U.S. negotiator Christopher Hill, back in Washington after the first high-level U.S. visit to North Korea in five years, yesterday outlined an ambitious agenda for the rest of the year that includes talks on a permanent peace treaty and the birth of a multinational security organization for Northeast Asia.

  • IAEA team returning to North Korea

    SEOUL — U.N. nuclear inspectors will travel to North Korea on Tuesday to discuss the modalities of a promised shutdown of Pyongyang's nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced yesterday.

  • Report faults U.S. nuclear arms policy

    The only deterrent for some countries from being next on "Washington's hit list" is to have nuclear weapons themselves, a new policy report concludes.

  • N. Korea delays U.N. inspectors

    THE WASHINGTON TIMES North Korea yesterday put on hold a planned visit to Pyongyang by U.N. nuclear inspectors just hours after top U.S. negotiator Christopher R. Hill touched down in Pyongyang — the first senior Bush administration official to visit the reclusive communist state in nearly five years.

  • U.S. envoy in N. Korea for nuclear talks

    SEOUL — The chief U.S. nuclear envoy made a rare trip to North Korea today in a surprise bid to accelerate international efforts to press the communist government to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

  • North Korea opens to U.N. nuclear probe

    SEOUL — North Korea invited U.N. nuclear inspectors yesterday in the first concrete sign of a breakthrough in a stalemate over its atomic program, as the transfer of frozen North Korean funds at the center of the impasse neared completion.

  • Warning hints at new delay in pact

    SEOUL — North Korea warned yesterday it might increase its "self-defense deterrent," a term the communist nation usually uses to describe its nuclear program, even as its key condition for nuclear disarmament was being met.

  • Mideast allies on U.S. blacklist


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