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  • ** FILE ** In this Jan. 19, 1978 file photo, President Jimmy Carter gestures as he delivers his State of the Union Address on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo, File)

    Oliver North: Obama is 'Jimmy Carter on steroids'

    Oliver North said on a Wednesday national broadcast that if anyone was happy that President Obama won a second term, it's former President Jimmy Carter — and maybe Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'American Heroes'

    Lt. Col. Oliver North, a retired Marine, author, columnist and host of the award-winning documentary series "War Stories" on the Fox News Channel, was once called by President Reagan "an American hero." He has the credentials to prove it.

  • Military tributes at Charlotte Motor Speedway

    Honoring the military and those who served will be the focus at the Coca-Cola 600 this Memorial Day weekend.

  • Maj. Gen Jim Mattis tells media at the camp of CSSG 11 ( Combat Service Support Group ) near Baghdad that the 1st Marine Division crossed into Baghdad over blown bridges over the Diyala River after 8th ESB spanned the damaged sections with bridging equipment in Baghdad, Iraq Tuesday, April 8, 2003. ( J.M. Eddins Jr. / The Washington Times )

    NORTH: No greater friend

    On the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the commanding general of the 1st Marine Division distributed a one-page "Message to All Hands." It was a succinct warning to those going into battle about what to expect from the enemy and his expectations for them.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Heroes Proved’

    The spirit of George Orwell's "1984" returns five decades later in Oliver North's most recent novel, "Heroes Proved." It is 2032, and the progressive agenda is triumphant. Public expressions of religious faith are deemed hate speech and are prosecutable offenses. Privately owned firearms are strictly regulated, and gas costs more than $10 a gallon because of federal restrictions on domestic oil exploitation.

  • Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington in February. He has become a visible figure in political circles in the years since the Iran-Contra controversy. (Associated Press)

    Ollie North answers 'Call of Duty'

    F. Scott Fitzgerald famously claimed there are no second acts in American life. He never met Lt. Col. Oliver North.

  • Oliver North cuts his wedding cake in 1968 with his ceremonial sword as his wife looks on. The sword was stolen and returned decades later. (Photograph courtesy Oliver North)

    Inside the Beltway: True North

    After three decades of searching, Oliver North at last gets the ceremonial sword he received upon his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1968.

  • Heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan, their stories

    Maj. Chuck Larson's book is titled "Heroes Among Us" but "Unknown Heroes Among Us" might be more apt because it is unlikely that one in 100 Americans has heard of any of the highly decorated young men profiled by the author.

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