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  • An anti-Syrian-regime protester waves a Syrian revolutionary flag during a demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011, to show support for Syrian protesters. The Arabic placard reads, "Syrian people say: No for talks, get out." (AP Photo)

    Heavy gunfire in central, north Syria; 11 killed

    A barrage of gunfire by security forces that left residents cowering in their homes killed at least nine people and wounded several others Wednesday in Homs, a hotbed of opposition to President Bashar Assad's autocratic regime, activists and residents said.

  • Activist: Syrian gunmen snatch, beat up cartoonist

    Masked gunmen dragged Syria's best-known political cartoonist from his car before dawn Thursday, beat him severely and left him bleeding along the side of a road days after he compared Syria's president to Moammar Gadhafi, human rights activists said.

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  • "We are seeing an escalation by authorities today," said Omar Idilbi, spokesman for the committees. "They are sending pro-government thugs along with security forces to attack protesters."

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  • "They are blockading (restive) cities and killing demonstrators, arresting people and torturing people to death," said Omar Idilbi, a spokesman for a loose network of anti-government activists. "That cannot create a good environment for dialogue."

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